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How to Grow Polka Dot Plants

by John Mahan 02/05/2023

If you want a pet-safe houseplant to add color to your indoor space, consider the polka dot plant. As the name suggests, the polka dot plant has delicately speckled leaves in high-contrast combinations of colors. You can find them in pink, red and white, and their compact growth habit makes them easy to plant several colors together in the same pot. So how do you take care of a polka dot plant? Here are the basics you'll need to know:


Polka dot plants can be fussy about lighting, but once you find the perfect spot they will thrive. Place your polka dot plant somewhere with bright, indirect light but not direct sun. A few feet away from a south or east-facing window is usually perfect for keeping the plant happy. While it can survive in low light conditions, the intense color will quickly fade from the leaves and the stems will become stretched out. Keep your polka dot plant vibrant and colorful by finding the perfect light.


Polka dot plants need regular watering to keep the soil moist. This plant is a great choice for plant owners who tend to overwater their plants, as the polka dot will want a drink as soon as the surface of the soil feels dry to the touch.

Temperature & Humidity

Proper temperature and moisture levels are crucial to a healthy polka dot plant. This plant likes to stay warmer than some other popular houseplants, preferring their environment not to drop below 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Boosting the humidity will help them thrive, either with a humidifier, pebble tray or regular misting. Polka dot plants make excellent residents for terrariums and miniature greenhouses where they can live at moderated temperature and humidity levels.


Polka dot plants require regular pruning to stay bushy. Experts recommend pinching off the top two leaves from every stem every few weeks to promote denser growth. With the right conditions, this plant is a quick-grower, so you don't need to worry about pruning too often.

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